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Expect an all-encompassing educational experience at Butterfly World where you step into their world to learn about them in their most natural state

Butterfly World in Suburban Fort Lauderdale

Feb 25, 2014

There is more to Fort Lauderdale than the beaches. Of course, if you were to head to Fort Lauderdale, you should visit the beaches since those are the most popular destination for charter bus visitors. However, don’t forget to also look into visiting the suburban side of Fort Lauderdale, and one of its popular attractions, the Butterfly World.

Located in Tradewind Park, this butterfly park was founded by Ronald Boender, a Dutch who grew up in Illinois. In addition to a butterfly house, there is also a free-flight hummingbird aviary, lorikeet encounter and educational services for kids.

Attractions at Butterfly World

In this magical world where families with children on mini bus rentals will enjoy the most, there is a myriad of attractions in one place.

  • Paradise Adventure Aviary: Fountains, ponds and butterflies in free flight.
  • Hanging Garden & Butterfly Emerging Area: An area to see hanging butterfly pupa and emerging butterflies if you are lucky.
  • Tropical Rain Forest Aviary: A free-flight aviary for birds and butterflies, featuring a waterfall and rainforest plants.
  • Grace Gardens: Botanical garden located outdoors that houses many different flowering tropical plants.
  • Wings of the World Secret Garden: Features the largest collection of flowering Passion Flower vines.
  • The Jewels of the Sky Aviary: Free-flight aviary of lovely colorful hummingbirds.

An Experience to Remember

At Butterfly world, coach bus visitors get to walk through multiple mesh-enclosed areas, and enjoy being surrounded by butterflies, birds and lorikeets. Don’t expect a small room with butterflies, but instead at Butterfly World, there are many areas dedicated to butterflies, and some dedicated to only a few species.

At the open rooms, you will be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of fluttering butterflies, all fluttering freely around you. You can even watch them feed at fruit stands or on the nectar flowers. Don’t forget your camera as these will be a paradise for photographers.

Don’t miss feeding at lorikeets at the Lorikeet Exhibit where you will be given some juices with a small fee of $1, to feed the lorikeets with. They will all come charging towards you, so make sure you are prepared to be barraged by a group of lorikeets as they sit on you just to get some juice from your cup.

To get there, grab your family and friends, rent a charter bus and head over to Coconut Creek. Call 1-888-420-0530 or 954-271-0153 to get a quote or to reserve a bus for your trip.

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