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A directory of fun things to do in sunny Fort Lauderdale

Feb 27, 2013 - Charter Bus Golfing in Fort Lauderdale

Golfing is the type of sport that relies heavily on the weather and outdoor conditions, therefore, suffice to say, golfers from colder cities would often scout out warmer places or cities with more consistent weather conditions for their charter bus rental golf expeditions. And this remains true for many of our charter bus Fort Lauderdale golf enthusiast customers. There is more than twenty three miles worth of beach in Fort Lauderdale and there is everything to like about that. It warms the heart just to think that after a few rounds of golf, there is the beach and awesome beach facilities to look forward to at night before calling it a day in sunny city Fort Lauderdale. For those who are craving their putting opportunities, then give Charter Bus Fort Lauderdale a call to find out how you can come explore the ‘designer golf courses’ designed by the likes of Robert Trent Jones, Rees Jones and Joe Lee.

If you are coming in from another city for this golden golfing opportunity, then we think that it is wise to book your accommodation in a place like Boca Raton Resort which offers semi-private golf courses, resort, spa, beach, five-star facilities and top-notch customer service. In short, you may have to pay premium price for all of that but it will be worth every single cent forked out. Their golf courses have varying difficulty levels but we are sure you can find something suitable for your level of expertise at the sprawling six thousand seven hundred and fourteen yard course that boasts of a 72 par rating. The dreamy villas have been named as one of the world’s best charter bus rental Fort Lauderdale accommodation in the city. They manage and rent out the beachside homes at One Thousand Ocean Beach too, for your information.

In the meantime, the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa and The Inverrary Resort have also won the praise of many golfing enthusiasts in terms of service, course options, rooms, spas and beachside location. The Westin Diplomat is a short charter bus ride from the main downtown metropolitan of Fort Lauderdale with many basic amenities easily accessible because they are either located nearby or is already provided for by the resort. So, staying here during your charter bus Fort Lauderdale visit is, indeed, a wise choice.

The Inverrary Resort, although not as popular in terms of name and in the International scene, it remains to be one of the preferred resorts for those who regularly come to Fort Lauderdale for their golfing escapades. In fact, one should at least come to Inverrary just to experience the top notch courses which were created and designed by the renowned Robert Trent Jones.

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