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May 8, 2013 - Daytona parks

Although the name ‘Daytona’ usually conjures up images of the NASCAR race track and race video games, Daytona is also famously known for its endless miles of pristine beaches for charter bus Fort Lauderdale charter bus tourist to enjoy and explore. What’s not to love about the fact that the beaches face the famous Atlantic ocean which stretches out ahead of you as you lay languidly on the beaches. There are many spots that serves as a tourist magnet for photography enthusiasts, surfers and beach party goers. To top it all off, the sub-tropical weather makes for the perfect stage for party-goers who would like to bring their event and gatherings to the wild outdoors. By intentional design, most of the parks in Daytona can be found its gorgeous beaches. Of course, the languid natural setting are perfect for picnic and evening gatherings with friends.

Churches and organizations are assured of the fact that the park and beach officials more than welcome people organizing their events at the places that they maintain. For some places, prior notice and authorization is required, we strongly urge event organizers to head over the official website for more information about holding events at the Daytona venue.

One of the best beach-front park to hold an event would be the famous Sun Splash Park which is adjacent to a South Atlantic Avenue which brings you all the basic and important shops, restaurants, cafes, quaint retail outlets and a supportive community to boost. The park spans four acre and is perfectly suitable for kids and grownups of all ages. From dusk to dawn, the park is available for gatherings of all sorts. In fact, parents do not need to worry about entertaining the young ones as there is a well-maintained children’s spot. Let the kids loose and let them have their own party around the various timed fountains. Some of the parks are connected to each other by sheltered pathways and decorated walkways and they snake their way through the park between the areas as well as the ‘Cool Zone’ which is a Coca-Cola sponsored area.

Although charter bus rental Fort Lauderdale tourists and visitors do not have to worry about locating a parking spot, we will have you know that there is ample off-the-beach parking available. Amenities like well-equipped outdoor showers, clean restrooms and friendly staff are at hand to help offer their assistance in times of need.

We hope that we can have a hand in helping you make your charter bus Fort Lauderdale trip as comfortable and convenient as possible and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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