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Sep 23, 2013 - Joe Picasso’s

They say that when one is stressed out, it does the mind, soul and body good to release all the tension through creativity. While we are not so sure if that works, but we do know that spending time with friends or your loved ones creating your own art piece at Joe Picasso’s would be quite a fun thing to do together. Don’t be too intimidated with the name “Picasso” because you don’t have to be an artist just like Picasso in order to be able to walk into their store to create your own masterpiece. If you are already getting curious what it is like to let loose your creativity at Joe Picasso’s, well, you can have your questions answered when you charter a Fort Lauderdale bus and head on over to this unique place with your friends.

Fun is the word for those who come to Joe Picasso’s – because at Joe Picasso’s, you are the artist. You get to choose what you want to create and they will assist you whenever you are not so sure. But, at the end of the day, your artwork is your very own creation. By the way, if this is your first ever trip here with your friends in the Fort Lauderdale charter bus, you have to know that Joe Picasso’s is not just an “artist center” but it is a place where they combine art and F&B altogether. While you are busy creating your very own masterpiece, you can also enjoy the process with a cup of coffee or tea and snacks. From pottery making to pottery painting and mosaic artworks, you can choose your preference and work your creative juice away. While they don’t reservations, the place is only open for kids on Tuesday every week – which is what they call their weekly Kids Camp.

If you happen to have ten or more people in your group going to Joe Picasso’s in the Fort Lauderdale charter bus, you can even request to use their private room. You may also want to know that once you are done with your masterpiece, you may not be able to bring it home with you immediately as the paint needs to dry completely and then the staff at Joe Picasso’s will dip it in glaze and allow it to dry before they place it in the kiln for it to fire properly and cool down. The whole process takes more than a day. But don’t panic, once your masterpiece is ready, you can either opt to pick it up on your own or have it shipped to you.

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